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How does this work?

how does this work?

Mary wants to have a date with Bob. Bob wants to have dates with Mary (...and with Emma - btw). But both are too shy to get in touch together. Yes, life is hard. is the right solution for both of them. Mary creates an account with her emailadress and inserts bob's emailaddress as a friend (for dating). Till here, everything is fully anonymous.
Bob does the same. He creates an account with his emailaddress (with all his emailaddresses - because he will be found) and inserts mary's and emma's emailaddresses.

At this point, there is a match between mary and bob! They know now that there is a match and the know exactly that the other side wants to have a date. Isn't that great?

An outline of the main points:

  • Everything is anonym till there is a two-side match
  • You know your date already
  • If there is a match - let's go, both of you want the same!
  • There are two levels: "going out" and "sex"; the least common denominator is the matchmaker
  • Registering is for free!
  • You will see your matches by paing of credits (1 credit or 2 credits)
  • You may buy credits via paypal or you can refer dateyourfriend to friends of you and you earn credits
  • This website is in the alpha-release